Nick's top ten rules for success

"Courage is not the absence of fear but knowing what to do in the presence of fear.“

- Nick Choudry -

What follows are some guiding principles which we can use to make sure we stay on the right path but without worrying about the details. I don't claim ownership of these principles or the way in which the are worded but I am responsible for choosing whether to live by them and if I am not, that something other than a vacuum replaces them.t.

Rule 1 - Get out of your comfort zone.

I honestly don't believe that much good will come to anybody if they remain in their comfort zone. Businesses grow, wealth is created and ideas formed when working outside of where you feel at ease. 

This doesn't mean you should go out on a limb and risk all your capital. Make sure the uncomfortable position is pre-planned and you have pre-determined next steps to advance along a well thought out plan. You might amaze yourself. Comfort is an illusive trick to make sure you never do anything too great.

Rule 2 - Stand up for yourself and your business.

In this country we have a much overlooked gift of law and order. If you find that a competitor or even a colleague is holding you back through intimidation move on any way. Our ancient brain perceives threats which don't exist anymore.

If somebody physically intimidates you, walk up to them smile, shake their hand and then go and get on building your business regardless of what they may think, how big they are or whatever else the ancient part of your brain tries to use against you.

Rule 3 - Practice solving your own problems.

I don't mean the small stuff. If you don't know what button to press in Magento, don't waste time hunting around. But the really big stuff, the fundamentals. Which product, which design, how much to borrow. 

This will train your business brain to function instinctively like your ancient survival brain. In time, you will have a killer edge over your competitors.

Rule 4 - Do it anyway.

Whatever is worrying you in life, be sure to accept the worst thing that could possibly happen, always quantify what the worst outcome could be in any given situation. Then get on with it anyway.

It is very unlikely that the worst thing that could happen to you will be anywhere near as bad as the cloud of undefined consequences that will hang over you if you don't do it. When we have nothing to worry about we are not doing much, and not doing much may supply us with plenty of future worries.
Make a plan, understand the risks, mitigate for them and get on with it.

Rule 5 - Don't expect life to be fair.

Life is not fair! never has been, never will be. You make your own luck in this world.

Remove the words “ not fair” from your vocabulary and you will be in a better place.

Rule 6 - Keep moving forward.

Never stop challenging yourself in life. Never stop doing new things in your business and life. Make it a goal to be better then yesterday.

"Small daily improvements will eventually result in huge advantages" So basically keep repeating rule 1 and you won't go far wrong.

Rule 7 - Always be courageous in your dealings.

Remember that courage is not the absence of fear but rather knowing what to do in the presence of fear....Be courageous!

Fortune will favor the the brave and confident.

Rule 8 - Plan and measure everything of importance.

Plan out your day your week your month your year then you will have a plan for life. Any thing that is measured will improve.. 

Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.

Rule 9 - Never quit.

Never give up on your dreams! When you get to the point of wanting to quit, DON′T,  you are probably closer than ever to achieving your goal.

No it won't be easy but when you know exactly what you aim to achieve and how, you will be enjoying the journey and so won't want to give up. Set it up right and then perpetually improve, refine, diversify and expand' keeping in mind what you have learned from your results and experience.

Rule 10 - Keep your sense of humor alive and always find a reason to smile. 

Have a bounce in your step, lighten up! No one is in control as much as they would like to think they are. Always keep in mind that we are not here for long, we should at least make sure we enjoy our time here!

If you don't have a sense of humor then it might be worth getting one. You don't need to be funny just be able to see the funny side of hard times.
"People of humor are always in some degree people of genius".

Open Source eCommerce

„An easy to use webshop that supports its customers when it matters is essential for online success.“

- Nick Choudry -

E-commerce software

E-commerce or shopping cart software is an enormous oversimplification of the tasks we ask these diverse bundles of computer code to perform for us. Most shopping cart programs do much more than provide a web-site for people to shop at and an interface for the web-site owners to manage the orders.

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How to build trust, through a computer screen

Remember a few pages back I said ' They have to WANT to buy your product'. I would like to restate myself with a different emphasis. They have to want to buy YOUR product.
There is nothing worse than giving someone everything they need to make a buying decision, only to have them shove off to buy it somewhere else. This happens all the time.
It is common for an enthusiastic, knowledgeable site to provide all the detailed information a customer needs and then the customer goes and buys from one of the big companies they have shopped with before.

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Succeeding in eCommerce

Some of the essential elements for succeeding in e-commerce are the same as are required for succeeding in any business. I am not, you will be pleased to hear, going to lecture you on the already well covered areas of managing staff, having a viable financial plan or any other such basics that you are most likely, already familiar with.

Neither is this chapter going to be anything to do with which buttons to press in Volusion, indeed this entire book has surprisingly little button pressing, considering the title implies it is about e-commerce software.

But that is just the point. If you want to know how to add a new widget to your widget store and set its price then there are plenty of sources of information that will quickly tell you how to do that.

As you are reading this I assume you are looking to build a professional e-commerce store that has turnover and profit to rival, if not exceed the equivalent bricks and mortar store. 

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